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There is a time to create your image from start to finish on set, but that is not always possible, nor is it required.  It's not a new thing to use Photoshop to create an image that could not otherwise happen or to make something more interesting, but it does mean you have to look at an image in pieces.   

While working on a recent project with a client we came up with a concept for their new website that was meant to invite, you in as the viewer, to find your seat at the table.  They had a chair that was sentimental and would be the anchor point of each shot.  For the last shot we wanted 3 of these chairs.  This was not possible.  But with just a little bit of planning and some Photoshop work we were able to build a shot for them. 

This is a simple example but the final image was important to the concept.  Photography is all about taking the wide world around you and focusing in on what’s important.  It is about building a feeling or idea out of a client’s vision and passion.  It’s about an image that is worth more then its individual parts.  When everything comes together you have a complete photograph and a happy client. 

ChairsA simple composite photograph for a new website!

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Introductions First blog post on my new site, well, first post ever for that matter.  I thought I would take this chance to just introduce myself.  I am a photographer at heart.  I have always loved shooting.   I saved up for my first SLR when I was in middle school, it was a Pentax, it was film, and I loved it.  Shooting was a joy and I finally had the control over the shot I wanted.   As life progressed careers ideas changed here and there but I was always shooting.  I was able to make the full leap in 2011 and I love that I can do what makes me happy. 


Over the last few years I have been able to worked with many different clients both commercial and everyday people.  I have had my photographs used for national ad campaigns, local business, and families.   But no matter the purpose I just love working with clients.  I strive to make you look good.  Whether that is literally, making you look good, through beautiful portraits that will be a reminder of a time long past for years or showing the world what your business can do.


I focus on what’s important!  I work with you on your goals and needs.  I don’t sell you what you don’t need and I give you the best work possible to accomplish your goals.  Whether that is selling your product or the perfect wedding photographs I know you will love my photographs.  Please look around, check out my galleries and services, and give me call.  


Thanks for reading!  I hope I get to work with you in the future.


Dylan Huey

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