Being behind a camera is a wonderful place. Every little decision you make effects the mood or feeling of a photograph. There are thousands of decisions to be made, and each can present the same subject in a different light. These choices can alter the way you or your company interacts with the public. Whether you want to convey strength, playfulness, creativity, or confidence; all can be represented with a well-taken photograph.

This is where I come in. I work with clients on an individual basis to find your voice and your vision. The images need to be an extension of you and your company. A photograph is worth a thousand words, and on top of that, it could be all that keeps someone reading or turns them away. Do you really want to leave that up to chance? Do you want to use the same $50 image that hundreds of other people could be using? Or do you want something unique, designed for you, that tells your story. Focus on what’s important, that’s what I do.